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Yuppl is an app ​for 1:1 meetings

Better work conversations. 
So you get more out of your ppl,
​and they get more out of work

1:1 meetings

are the best

Quality 1:1 meetings are more important than ever.

The world of work is changing fast: AI, automation and digital disruption are transforming people's roles.

High quality, timely engagement with your staff will help you adapt, at speed.

Pace and purpose are important.
The annual review cycle is too slow and cumbersome.
Frequent conversations are needed.
Frequent and high quality conversations are even better.


1:1 meetings are the single best thing a manager can do with their staff.

But 1:1s are hard. You need to:
be active, engaged, and talk about the right things, regularly follow up, keep track, take action let your staff share, and engage in the conversation easily, and anywhere.

Yuppl is designed to help...


Yuppl makes 1:1 meetings easier and better

Yuppl is designed just for 1:1 meetings, 1:1 conversations, 1:1 catchups.

It makes having the right conversations and keeping track of them easy.

better for


​Your people are happier, stay longer and focus on the right things because they get better quality, directed conversation and coaching - with more engagement, visibility, and instant feedback.

better for


Your managers save time and stress by getting a structured and consistent approach to 1:1 meetings. With one place for all 1:1 info, reminders and history.

better for


Your HR and Exec teams get confidence that 1:1s are being done well and done often. They see improved staff retention and engagement ratings.

Yuppl can be used as a personal CRM and an app for life coaches, trainers, mentors. ​You can have 1:1 conversations with people inside and outside your organisation.

Very few people use any tools for 1:1 meetings. Even fewer share notes with the person they are catching up with. And hardly anyone uses tools specially designed for 1:1s.

If you are looking for a 1:1 meeting software as an alternative to email, OneNote, a Notes apps, paper, tasks lists, trello, Word, Excel,… Yuppl is it.

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