Yuppl is a fresh approach to 1:1 meetings.

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Meet the Yuppl team

Andrew Tailor

The creator of Yuppl

Daniel Tai

Yuppl' mobile developer

Jim Tailor

Technology architect

Yuppl is built by a great team including Daniel Tai and Jim Taylor and is a product of the Innovation Lab at Theta. 

Yuppl is created by Andrew Taylor. Andrew has been a line manager in the tech sector for many years. In that time he has become a strong advocate that 1:1s are the single best thing you can do to look after your staff to help them and keep them happy. ​


Many managers do not do a great job of 1:1s though, and therefore their staff don't get as much as out of them as they could.  To solve this Andrew designed Yuppl - a lightweight app with just enough structure to guide and help managers and staff, without slowing them down.