A quick overview

Yuppl manages your 1:1 meetings. 
​All the ppl you catch up with are in Yuppl.
And all the actions - across all 1:1s are here too.

Yuppl provides a consistent structure to make meetings more effective.
Scroll through to see how having a catchup in Yuppl works... 

To have a 1:1 meeting, choose the person, and tap to get started

Actions are things you need to get done. Topics are meeting agenda items that you discuss and tend not to change that often.

Actions and Topics are visible to both parties, if you're both using the app.

​Private is where either party can put private notes that they don't want to share but do want to keep track of.

Let's catch up...

All screens have quick add so you can add actions, topics and comments easily.

Track all 1:1 actions

The actions homescreen shows you all the actions across all your 1:1s - whether they are assigned to you or others.  

Need to talk to all your staff about a new policy or initiative?

Add the same action to all your 1:1s using the multi-assign feature to put the action into multiple 1:1s. 

Yuppl is a fresh approach to 1:1 meetings.

Get in touch if you have any questions, suggestions for features or feedback on Yuppl. 

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